Many states, counties, and local mandates have been enacted to enforce a “shelter in place” quarantine. While many practices in these areas are closing per the orders of the mandates, some remain open to patients who require immediate emergency treatment. If an employee of your practice – or the practice owner – needs to travel to and from the office to treat or assist with the treatment of patient emergencies, it is wise to have a letter stating they are an employee of what has been deemed an ”essential business” and they are permitted to travel that route.

Here is an example of an Essential Employee letter:

Letter Template – Essential Employee – COVID-19

This template will download automatically as a Word document. The sections in blue will need to be customized for each team member. They should be instructed to keep this letter in their vehicle while driving to and from the office. They should truly be traveling for a patient emergency if you are in an area with one of these mandates.

I’m happy to answer any questions about the letter or address any concerns. You’re welcome to schedule a call to discuss.

*Please check with an employment attorney or HR Consultant in your state for any legal issues surrounding “shelter in place” or “essential employees” prior to use.

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