Return to Work

Ready to bring back your team? If you’ve laid off or furloughed team members during this pandemic period, it’s best to reach out and provide a formal Notice of Recall as soon as you know the date you plan to return. Here’s a link to a template*:

COVID-19 – Notice of Recall Letter Template – 04292020

This link will download automatically as a Word document. The sections in blue will need to be customized for each team member with their specific information.

Keep in mind, if you’ve laid off your team vs. placing them on furlough, you’ll need to have them complete New Hire paperwork upon their return. I’m happy to answer any questions about the letter or address recall or rehire concerns. You’re welcome to schedule a call to discuss.

FFCRA Exemption (from EPFMLA)

If you have less than 50 employees and can prove one of the 3 acceptable reasons for exempting yourself from the childcare-related reasons for taking EPFMLA and EPSL, you will need to provide your employees with notice. Here is a template** to get you started:

Notice of Exemption Template

Make sure you get a confirmation from each employee that they’ve received the notice. Post in a conspicuous location and include the exemption status and reason in your written employee policies related to Covid-19.

*Please check with an employment attorney or HR Consultant in your state for any legal issues surrounding layoffs prior to use.

**Please check with your advisor (attorney, HR Consultant, and/or CPA) to determine whether you’re eligible to take this exemption prior to providing notice to your employees.

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