“…well-received, dynamic and organized speaker, who demonstrated a clear grasp of the HR content.”

Kara has presented on a variety of HR and Dental Business topics for various organizations both on stage and virtually. She has been a guest-speaker on multiple podcasts, including the High Trust Practice Podcast (Apple & Google), The CEO Doctor, and The Dental Momentum Podcast.

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Each presentation is tailored to your organization, event, and attendees.

Management Myths & Fateful Fallacies: Why Dental HR Questions Shouldn’t Be Answered on Facebook

With the vast number of regulations at the federal, state, and sometimes local levels coupled with the misinformation found on social media, it’s easy for practice leaders to be confused! Getting it wrong can be disastrously expensive and time consuming.

Find out the most common mistakes practices make when crafting policies, making employment decisions, and dealing with those common yet frustrating employee relations issues.

Presentation Length: 30 – 60 minutes | Format: Virtual or in-person at your event location!

Employee Handbook D-I-RIGHTTM

While a professionally-developed employee handbook is always recommended, practice leaders often make “DIY” updates – without knowledge of current employment regulations or best practices.

Kara helps practice leaders understand what can be updated in an employee handbook, how to make those updates, and what is best left to the professionals.

Attendees will come away from this interactive workshop with the confidence to make updates to their employee handbook, and have it D-I-RightTM.

Presentation Length: 60 – 90 minutes | Format: Virtual or in-person at your event location!

Compete With Culture

One of the few, truly unique advantages a practice has is its team. Right now, dentistry is experiencing unprecedented turmoil with skyrocketing turnover rates, artificially inflated salaries, and burnout among its most talented team members. It has never been more crucial to attract, engage, reward, and retain high-performing team members who align with a practice’s core values and drive its culture forward.

“Kara presented What to Do if Your Employee Tests Positive for Covid-19 and co-presented Dental Practice Finance Management for the NIAGD via Zoom in 2020. On both occasions she was a well-received, dynamic and organized speaker, who demonstrated a clear grasp of the HR content. She provided clear and easily understood audio-visual aides, answered all questions in a professional manner and invited the attendees to contact her if any additional questions arose after the seminar. She received high praise on the Course Evaluation sheets following both CE Seminars.”

Jamie Petras, NIAGD Executive Secretary


Want a more in-depth HR and business management training for practice leaders? Each workshop is tailored to your organization, event, and attendees.

Workshop Length: 3 – 6 hours | Format: Virtual or in person at your event location!

Planning to Lead: Business Foundations for Dental Practices

Practice Leaders have plenty of clinical education. They’re well-versed in OSHA and HIPAA compliance. They may even go the extra mile and study practice finance or marketing. But the one thing often missing from their education is how to lead a team.

This full-day workshop includes:

– Business Principles for Dental Practices
– The Overthinker’s Circle
– Management Myths & Fateful Fallacies
– Red Flags! Mitigating Employee Embezzlement
– Employing Your Advantage

Comprehensive as-is, or can be customized to fit your meeting attendees with the goal of transforming your Practice Leaders into People Leaders!

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