Where Did All the Candidates Go?

Raise your hand if you are struggling to hire team members. If it feels like all of the quality candidates have disappeared. Almost everyone? You’re not alone. Raise your hand if you are searching for team members by posting a typical job description on a hiring board or hoping an agency will refer one to

COVID-19 Post-Pandemic Resources

Return to Work Ready to bring back your team? If you’ve laid off or furloughed team members during this pandemic period, it’s best to reach out and provide a formal Notice of Recall as soon as you know the date you plan to return. Here’s a link to a template*: COVID-19 – Notice of Recall

Essential Employees & Travel

Many states, counties, and local mandates have been enacted to enforce a “shelter in place” quarantine. While many practices in these areas are closing per the orders of the mandates, some remain open to patients who require immediate emergency treatment. If an employee of your practice – or the practice owner – needs to travel

COVID-19 Resources: The Most Difficult Decision

Dentists are facing some difficult decisions over the next couple of weeks. Practice Leaders facing office closures are worried about money going out while none comes in. Paying team salaries is one of biggest expenses. If you’ve reached the point of temporarily laying off, furloughing, or reducing the hours of your team members to save

9 Simple Ways to Quickly Demotivate A Great Employee

You’ve hired employees and work is getting done. That’s all that matters, right? It’s a myth that people will go above and beyond if they feel appreciated – you know your workers are just here for a paycheck. Do you have a bright-eyed, energized individual on your payroll who is excited to be part of

Here’s to 2020!

I had a revelation earlier this year. I’ve been consulting with practice leaders for several years now. I must confess, I’m weirdly passionate about HR in dental and medical practice. There’s so much they don’t teach you in school about running a practice! You learn all of the clinical, some of the business, but almost