Dentists are facing some difficult decisions over the next couple of weeks. Practice Leaders facing office closures are worried about money going out while none comes in. Paying team salaries is one of biggest expenses.

If you’ve reached the point of temporarily laying off, furloughing, or reducing the hours of your team members to save your practice, here are template letters that can help you get started*:

Letter Template – Temporary Layoff – COVID19

Letter Template – Reduction in Hours – COVID19

Letter Template – Furlough – COVID19

These templates will download automatically as Word documents. The sections in blue will need to be customized for each team member. You will also need to personally (or via your leadership team) have a private, face-to-face meeting with each team member to discuss the situation.

I’m happy to answer any questions about the letter or address layoff concerns. You’re welcome to schedule a call to discuss.

*Please check with an employment attorney or HR Consultant in your state for any legal issues surrounding layoffs prior to use.

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